AIF Fund Raise

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AIF Fund Raise

We play a pivotal role in Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) by assisting AIF managers in various aspects. This includes fundraising, deal origination, and deal structuring to optimize risk and return. We offer strategic advice, help with exit strategies, and provide robust risk management strategies. Additionally, we support AIFs in setting up and managing their fund operations, ensuring seamless functioning.

Types of AIFs

Category 1: Invest in SMEs, start-ups, and growth-focused companies. Includes Infrastructure funds, Venture Capital Funds (VCF), Angel funds, and Social venture funds.

Category 2: Debt funds, Funds of funds, and Private equity funds.

Category 3: Includes Private Investment in Public Equity Fund (PEF) and Hedge funds

Scope of AIF’s 

The scope of Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) in India is steadily growing due to regulatory advancements and increased investor interest. 

  • Category I: investing in startups and infrastructure with tax benefits. 
  • Category II: including private equity and real estate funds with fewer restrictions.
  • Category III: focused on trading with stricter regulations.

AIFs in India attract a wide range of investors, from high-net-worth individuals to foreign investors, and Category I AIFs enjoy tax advantages like capital gains tax exemption. The industry is experiencing steady growth, with more fund managers and investors participating, driven by government and SEBI initiatives promoting investments in startups and infrastructure.

Investors benefit from diversification within AIFs, spreading risk across different strategies, sectors, and geographies, reducing exposure to market volatility.